In this section, we will learn about Research Issues.



  1. Privacy Issues

In social networks, the users provide their touchy data and genuine images. The issue; is it safe giving all the personal information. This may build privacy issues throughout the social networks. The privacy of the social network user may be a threat. Because of hacking of images, image dragging, using snapping tools, image tagging, and print screen are some situations where the user gets into trouble due to uploading photos in social networks. Not only the photos but also other personal information checked in places and son on will be at risk to take by third parties.


  1. Security Issues

illegal authorization of the third-party applications or another social network user may misuse the sensitive information and create a considerable destruction to the individuals. That information might include bank details, credit card details and financial information, which the attacker can commit identity stealing. Also, the medical and treatment history details, health conditions and unique body features which the attacker can generate immense harm to the whole life of that user.


  1. Bullying Issues

Bullying is a serious arising problem to be addressed inside the social network websites. Cyber-bullying is the novel type of bullying among youngsters or even adults. By using the others texts, uploaded genuine images and emotional situations the attacker might insult, spread rumors and threaten the individuals. The major risk is that the attacker can hide his identity while bullying others. They use the social networks, cell phones or online resources for cyber-bullying. Due to bullying young children become lonely, emotionally traumatic, long-term emotional scars which may affect in adult relationships or suicide cases.


  1. Ethical Issues

Using the Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube and so on the individuals start to connect with the personal, political, social and cultural ethics across the whole world. They build up various relationships among the social networks with family members, friends, and strangers. Then it is better to maintain good relationships with the others by considering who they are. There are some users who provide misguiding information in social networks. It is a better example for an ethical issue. In addition, once a post or image uploaded to social networks, within the just second others will drag it. The news or post with grammatical mistakes might create ethical issues. There is no worth of removing it later. Furthermore, legal issues might take place due to copyright.







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